The Professor

                                             THE EARLY YEARS


Andrew Meyer has enviable traits, but the ability to maintain a stable romantic relationship isn’t one of them.


When an opportunity presents itself in the form of the beautiful and intelligent Kristen Barrett, he is surprised by how much she changes his life… but that change is short-lived when he falls back into old patterns. His fall from temporary relationship grace leads him into the arms of another, but even that’s not meant to be. A personal trauma throws his life into a tailspin and he quickly finds himself alone again.


Although his personal life crumbles, his professional life soars. Despite his pain and anguish, he accepts an overseas posting, where he begins a clandestine tryst with his student Clare Brenton. Like so many before, she changes his life, but this time, it could be for real.


Has Andrew finally found his perfect match or is this yet another relationship doomed for failure?

This novella was a great read, whether you read it before or after the first full length novel it fills in the gaps and gives you a fantastic rundown on who is who and what happened prior to The Professor. Highly recommended.

Collette Fergus