The Professor



She’s free of her family. He’s twice her age. Will a secret passion be their undoing?


Clare Brenton has never experienced real love. Desperate to forget her alcoholic mother and start fresh in college, she lives in fear of someone discovering her past. So when her charismatic professor Andrew expresses interest, she enters into a clandestine affair in hopes of erasing everything that came before.


As the fling turns serious, Clare dreads the inevitable meeting between her boyfriend and her manipulative mother. So when they finally go public, she braces herself for yet more torment from her family. Little does she know that Andrew’s own dark past may be the thing that does her in…


Will the trauma of Claire’s past doom her future?


The Professor is a contemporary fiction novel. If you like complex heroines, family drama, and tales of forbidden desire, then you’ll adore T.A. Evans’s gripping story.


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Reviewed: Chel Barnes rated it five stars on goodreads.   June 13 2020

The Professor, while containing many of the standards of the contemporary fiction genre, surpasses many similar novels through its engaging plot and superb characterization. The story centers around Clare Brenton as she falls in love with her professor, the charming Andrew. Let’s face it, who hasn’t had a crush on a teacher or professor before and fantasized about acting on it? Well through Clare’s narrative we get a glimpse into what that could be like. Their romance is intense but wrought with troubles from external and as the story progresses both of the lovers have to deal with issues that stem from their pasts and these often manifest in unexpected ways. This is when the author’s expert characterization comes into play, the pair are written in a relatable and realistic manner that makes you really root for them. I couldn’t help but become invested in the outcome and this lent a lot of intensity and suspense the further I got into the book.

Another key point, I find a lot of books in this genre go in too heavy handed with the sex scenes and this can really overpower the plot but this isn’t the case here. The intimate scenes are sensual and never over the top and this really gave the story an extra bit of ‘oomph’. If you’re a lover of romance novels with a bit of depth then you will really love The Professor!




   The Professor

                                  ALL I EVER WANTED


Clare Brenton has everything she wants…

a loving and gorgeous husband, children she adores, and a job she loves. Life is perfect, but behind all the good in her life lies dark secrets.

Those secrets soon rise to the surface and threaten to destroy her happy home, her relationship, and everything she’s worked so hard to gain. Now she is forced to battle her demons or risk losing everything and everyone she loves.


The Professor – ALL I EVER WANTED is the second book in a contemporary fiction trilogy.  If you like complex heroines, family drama, and tales of forbidden desire, then you’ll adore T.A. Evans’s gripping story.

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The Professor

                                           NEW BEGINNINGS


Clare Meyer leads an enviable life. She has a loving husband and family and everything she could ever want.

She couldn’t ask for anything more… until the veil of perfection is lifted and threatens her idyllic lifestyle.

Clare is a woman whose past consumes her. With meddling family members, conflicting personalities, and a history she hopes not to repeat, she has many obstacles to overcome.

Will she finally put the past behind her for good or will it continue to taint every semblance of normal for her?

The Professor – NEW BEGINNINGS is the third and final book in a contemporary fiction trilogy.  If you like complex heroines, family drama, and tales of forbidden desire, then you’ll adore T.A. Evans’s gripping story.


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Wealth is her only love, but will obtaining it cost her everything?


Queensland’s Gold Coast, 1974. Emilia Hamilton is fed up with everyone else raking in the cash. Desperate for her own piece of the pie, she abandons a dull marriage and four children for a shot at fame and fortune. Consumed by the jealousy of her friends’ success, she vows to stop at nothing to join them—even if her methods are barely legal.


With a shrewd German national by her side, Emilia’s massage business thrives. But just as she finally earns the riches she craves, her growing public reputation draws the attention of the corrupt police force. Afraid that local law enforcement could take everything away, they hand her an ultimatum: give them a cut or watch her empire crumble.


Can Emilia evade the shady police, or will her ill-gotten gains exact the ultimate price?


No Scruples is a standalone contemporary fiction novel with mystery, suspense, greed, romance and exploitation. If you like complex characters, powerful writing, and rich historical detail, then you’ll love T.A. Evans’s compelling tale about the true price of success.


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No Scruples Book Trailer


A Tale of Sabotage and Greed in a World of High Fashion


Jasmine Conner lands a coveted position at Therese Ellen. She’s ready for the challenge and eager to make her mark. Unfortunately, mere months after achieving her dream, the company finds itself in dire straits.


The only successful line is hers.


She and the company need a miracle to survive. That’s a challenge Jasmine is eager to tackle. But in this cutthroat business, distinguishing friend from foe, ally from enemy, takes more than just a gut feeling. It means diving headfirst into a world where loyalty and trustworthiness are optional and deception and greed reign supreme.

With so many, including her predecessor, betting on her failure, can she defy the odds and save the company?


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